About The Owner
 I developed a love for photography by traveling to culturally unique places and through my love of mountaineering, a sport that allows us to experience so much of earth's natural beauty.

As you can see from this phone photo taken circa 2016, quality equipment is important to obtaining great photos. This shot would have been amazing if my friend had taken it with a decent camera in RAW format. Unfortunately, most cell phones automatically convert images to a compressed format, which limits what can be done with even the best software.

After spending many years taking well-composed, but low-resolution photos with a cell phone camera, I decided enough was enough... I invested in the newest and best professional mirrorless digital camera and lenses I could afford.  As suspected, I discovered I could do as well or better than many of the full time "pros" out there and started my company B. N. McHone Media.
Leveraging the capabilities of my equipment, I specialize in ultra high resolution natural light photography and flash photography services. I’m able to excel in these areas due to an investment in the best modern equipment and my solid understanding of optical principals, combined with a good eye for composition.

I’m patient and flexible with my clients, putting their vision for their photoshoot first. I always seek feedback on-site when possible to make sure the photos delivered are everything you want, the first time around. Getting back clear, vibrant, high-quality photos is why you seek out a professional who possesses modern gear and is experienced with RAW shooting and modern post-processing tools.
When you book my services, rest assured that I will work to get you photography results that exceed your expectations. I turn your preferred shoot location into my mobile studio, with service by appointment even on weekends and hours outside normal business hours.

I am a local solo operation, and this is a veteran-owned company. I have always done all of my own marketing, website design, and photography work, which keeps my costs low. I take a lot of pride in this company and hope I can earn not just a paycheck, but your repeat business. I hope to ultimately have a beneficial impact on the community and bring joy to people's lives through my photos... and have fun while doing it! I also offer mobile notary public services for my customers convenience.